If you're looking for Halibut Electroincs, see https://electronics.halibut.com

We have several informational links for users of the The Halibut systems. They are

The HalNet CA public key (used for various HalNet purposes) is here

The Old HalNet CA public key (now expired) is here

Some notes on the ssh service.

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We're not what you were expecting when you typed in "halibut" in your web browser, are we? Were you perhaps looking for:

Before you ask...

No we are not interested in selling the domain name, unless you're willing to pay an egregious amount of money for it. I've had the Halibut.com domain name since the summer of 1994, before Al Gore "invented" the Internet. I've been using the name Halibut for personal and business ventures since 1985. It's a name I'm going to stick with for the foreseeable future.


-The Management.