Acceptable Use Policy

The Halibut systems exist to bring together a diverse, interesting set of people and give them a secure, private system to experiment with and use. The halibut systems are maintained as a hobby. There is no full time staff. As such, you should use a simple guiding principal in deciding how to use your halibut account:
Does your use complicate the lives of the administrators of halibut?
If so, you should at least discuss your use with the administrators. Yeah, I know, it's a lame rule, but that's it. We'll talk about specifics, but you'll see that they all relate to the principal already discussed.

Thou shalt not

We have no formal user removal policies. If you piss us off, you're out. It's that simple. If you think this is unfair, feel free to get a free UNIX account from someone else. If we think you're abusing the system, we may warn you, or we may just freeze your account, depending on how much we don't like you. If we catch you doing something illegal, we reserve the right to report you to 'The Man'. We may need to do this to cover our ass, or we may just want to watch you squirm.